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Health Literacy Schools Toolkit


Health Literacy Schools Toolkit

For school librarians, school nurses, speech & language therapists and all working in or with schools.


Resources have been selected for all ages, and guidance has been included on appropriate age groups. Please do use your professional expertise and local knowledge when producing local health literacy resources

What is Health Literacy?

Health literacy is defined as:

“The personal characteristics and social resources needed for individuals and communities to access, understand, appraise and use information and services to make decisions about health”

Why schools?

Why does health literacy in schools matter? 

Health literacy plays a key role in influencing health outcomes from childhood. Developing health literacy skills early in life has been linked to increased educational attainment. Schools are well-positioned to promote health literacy across age groups, throughout the curriculum and in collaboration with the wider school community, including parents/caregivers and staff. 


An e-learning module, introduction to health literacy, is available to anyone who wants to discover:

  • Why health literacy is important
  • Some core techniques that can be used to improve health literacy.

The E-learning was developed in partnership between HEE and NES to raise awareness of health literacy and its impact on health and social care staff.

Anyone can do the health literacy E-learning; you just need an email address in order to register.

Please click on the link below to register for this e-learning content






For Health Librarians

Who should I contact within my Trust?

Wanting to reach out to colleagues, some good places to start are:

  • Trust Careers Advisor or Widening Participation Officer
  • Trust Secretary/Governance team some Trusts will be trying to approach young governors to be advocates for the Trust and this is one way in.
  • Community Nurses / School Nurses
  • Children's services within Public Health England (some run programmes to engage teenagers in looking after their health and also support the council and public services to improve them).

Localise your data

If you want to find out about your local authority area's Health Literacy please use the link below