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BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice - an award winning resource now free to all NHS staff

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision-making resource providing the latest evidence-based information to use at the point of care. Funded by Health Education England, it is free to NHS professionals and students in England.

Rated as one of the best support tools worldwide, it includes guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention, ‘how to’ videos, patient information and more.  Updated daily it provides information, anywhere, any time of day or night on or off-line. 

Go to and register via NHS OpenAthens. Once registered, you can you can use on the web or download the app.

Click on the images to view and download (right click)

Value Proposition report copy text

Library and Knowledge specialist give health professionals the gift of time

NHS Library and Knowledge Services are helping to deliver the best care and treatment possible to patients and our team here in [insert trust/ area] is playing its part.

Making the gathering of information as easy as possible for healthcare professionals, getting the required evidence into practice and giving them the ‘gift of time’ which they can then spend with patients is where Library and Knowledge Services can have both a direct and indirect effect on the care patients receive and a positive impact on NHS services as a whole.

Health Education England (HEE) commissioned a report Library and Knowledge Services Value Proposition: The Gift of Time, identifying key benefits of a library and knowledge service within an NHS organisation and, specifically, the specialist roles embedded within NHS teams.  

[insert local case study where Library and Knowledge Services have demonstrated benefit]

Findings in a recently published international literature review [see p21 of Report for list of referenced materials] showed that for every $1 of funding spent on library and knowledge services a return of $2.4 is received.  If applicable to the NHS it suggests that library and knowledge services are already delivering a net economic benefit of £77m per annum. Were HEE’s recommended staff ratio for qualified librarians per member of the NHS workforce achieved, this could increase to £106m per annum.

Read the report  and find out more about NHS Library and Knowledge Services.